Lenovo desktop Won’t Boot Up or Start Up|Not working|Troublshooting

Do you have Booting Issue in Lenovo Desktop ? Get an Effective Solution here

Lenovo is the leading IT items producing organization, it offers benefits in the Desktop, Tablet Computer, Smartphone, Servers and considerably more. The elements of the Lenovo items are incredible and it is very valued by the clients.

Lenovo means to give the best elements in the Desktop so clients can appreciate every one of the parts of Desktop with no issue. A few clients announced some Desktop issue and inside a limited capacity to focus time, they got the determination by the specialists. For the arrangement, the client dialed on the Lenovo Desktop Support Number and the expert gave the best and successful arrangement of the issues.

Booting issue is a common issue and most of the users encounter the same. If you also have the same, then follow the procedure mentioned below.

  1. Whenever you turn ON the Desktop, you hear the beep sound and the same is essential to troubleshoot the boot issue. Some system is configured in such a way that it will not beep after starting and the “Power-on Self Test” (POST) may be completed successfully, so to enable the beep, go to the System Configuration Utility and then select “Start Options”. Now set the POST to enhanced and then Save the setting.
  2. If you can’t access the System Configuration Utility, then you must check the power supply on your device.
  3. If you are listening to the multiple beeps, then disconnect the entire internal components and connect it again.
  4. Next, operate the CMOS clearing procedure.
  5. And then follow the boot block recovery procedure.
  6. Make sure the heat sink is properly installed, Heat sink generally cool down the processor.
  7. If you hear the single beep after start up and even though the boot is not taking place in the operating system then, remove the disks from the CD-ROM drive.
  8. Now open the System Configuration Utility and click on Load Default Setting.
  9. If any hard drive or bootable device is not shown in the list, then your device is not recognized by the BIOS during POST.

Dial Lenovo Support Number for any help

If still persist any issue, then dial on Lenovo Desktop Support Phone Number. The number is accessible 24*7, so you can make a call anytime for the comprehensive solution to any issue. The support team has a good hands on experience in solving multiple issues.

Lenovo believes in customer satisfaction and always want that the user should enjoy the entire services without any interruption and for the same, Lenovo Desktop Support plays a key role in this. They resolve the issue in an effective way and allow the user to enjoy the Lenovo Desktop features.

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