Hp desktop not starting up+black screen

Get to know how to fix when Hp Desktop not starting up and displaying black screen !

Hp provides a series of desktop and laptop computers. Hp desktops are useful when user want to do work at home as it provides larger screen than laptop computers. It provides so many affordable features so that Hp desktops are used by billion of users as it supports high resolution and Graphics to gaming.

When you turn on Hp desktop then there may a reason when your Hp desktop does not display anything and your desktop screen shows black. Due to this your desktop does not start properly. If you are unable to solve these issue then you may take help from Hp desktop supportHp provides highly efficient technician for resolving your query. They will tell you what type of issues you can face?and how these issues can solved?

Some common technical issue which are faced by users are as follows:

  1. Unable to start desktop and when it turns on then it display nothing.
  2. Hard drive is not working properly.
  3. Motherboard replacement problem.
  4. Configuration problem.

If you are getting any of these types of issues then you can contact to Hp desktop support number. With the help of this number you are able to get a chance to talk with Hp desktop representative .They will provide you best solution how to fix these types of issues.

Here are the steps given below to fix issue when your Hp desktop does not display anything after start, then you need to follow these steps:

  1. First you need to test your monitor of your computer.
  2. Now you need to verify that your desktop has fully powered.
  3. If you got Beep code then you need to trouble shoot this issue.
  4. Now you have to clear BIOS memory on your CPU so it will return the BIOS setting to their default levels.
  5. You have to establish all the connection by reseating.
  6. Now you have to reset the CPU and check the cause of electrical shorts.
  7. You need to test your power supply.
  8. You have to start your computer with important and necessary hardware only.

Hp Desktop Support Phone Number

Now you can fix the issue if your desktop is turning on Black screen but still if you are unable to solve these issue then you need to dial Hp desktop support phone number. By dialing this you will be in direct contact of Hp desktop agents. They will provide you best customer support. Then you need to seek professionals help from Hp desktop repair service. They will not leave you until you will not get satisfactory result.

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