How to fix Dell desktop power supply troubleshooting?

How to fix Dell desktop power supply troubleshooting?

Dell is a multinational computer technology company that offer development, sells and support to the computers and related products. Dell has captured a very good market because of its amazing product quality and after sells services. In spite of excellent feature, Dell customers face some of the issue while using its PC and laptop. One of the common issues is desktop power supply troubleshooting. To get the instant solution to troubleshoot this issue user can freely connect to Dell desktop support number which is available 24*7 hour/day.
Due to bad power supply it happens that system doesn’t get power to boot and at the same time it may not get the correct voltages to the various components. Hence you can follow this step by step checklist to resolve most power supply issues accurately and quickly.

For power supplies with no BIST

Check if there is any sign of power at all

  1. Are any lights irradiating? Check the power button, diagnostic LEDs, and flea power indicator.
  2. Is there any other option of power available such as fan spin or disk drive activity?If there are no signs of power at all, then follow this:-
    1. Make sure that the power cord is plugged directly into the back of the system or into a working power source.
    2. Now check weather voltage selector correctly set for local power or not.
    3. Now isolate the power supply as much as possible.
    4. Reset Any power leads to the motherboard
    5. Remove all memory, expansion cards and disk drive data cables to insure it doesn’t fail.
    6. Now test the I/O panel.

If there are indications of power such as a blinking amber power LED, a solid amber

LED, fan spin, or disk drive activity:

  1. Bypass any power strips and USP units
  2. Isolate the power supply as much as possible, If the system fails to power up correctly and attempts POST.
  3. Reset all power leads to the motherboard
  4. Remove memory, expansion cards and disk drive data cables to ensure they are not causing the failure.
  5. Attempt POST at this point to isolate the failed component.

If all else fails…

Get in touch with Dell desktop support team if unable to troubleshoot

Dell desktop support provides you best support to dealing with all your technical glitches like dell desktop power supply troubleshooting,power supply not working,power supply repair etc.. You can connect to Dell desktop support phone number to get 24×7 technical support via Phone, chat and remote sessions. We assure you will be getting best service at effective cost.

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